10 Cheerful Tree Stump Vases That Will Warm Your Heart

10 Cheerful Tree Stump Vases That Will Warm Your Heart

How cool to see! The stylish look and natural hue and tint of the vas are remarkable. Simple to prepare and classy to put in your drawing room!

The outer polished part is boosting the overall charm of the vases. A wonderful collection of tree stump vases to décor your room shelves!

How enchanting, an eye-catching room decoration! Put a thick bunch of flowers in the vas and see the magic of its beauty!

The twin parts of the stump are giving it an antique look. Putting it on your side table will create an artistic beauty in the room.

Immensely simple to finish and lovely to look at! How cool it is looking even without any flowery bunch inside, truly magnetizing!

One of the simplest DIY tree stump vases! It is fun to prepare and artistic to put in a drawing room. Immensely heart winning and comprehensible to design again and again!

The curved vas with original tint of stump is antique and mind blowing, truly. To enhance the charm of your room, it is great.

How lovely! Antique and unique, one of the simplest and nicest DIY vases ever! I personally like this.

At first glance, it stupefies mind. Such a wonderfully beautiful vas made of just a tree stump, isn’t it ridiculous? But it is true, just look at the picture!

What a mesmerizing tree stump vas! A perfect decoration for your drawing room shelves, fabulous and innovative!